double your dating affiliate | Conquer Your Campus Affiliate Program – Review & Link To Signup

Conquer Your Campus Affiliate Program – Review & Link To Signup

Become a Conquer Your Campus Affiliate and make money with your site or mailing list teaching the truth about college game!

Conquer Your Campus Affiliate Program Signup Link:

Conquer Your CampusConquer Your Campus Affiliate Product(s):

Conquer Your Campus, B4UTXTHER, Become Unbreakable, The Social Man

Product Information:

Conquer Your Campus is a big seller for any site geared toward the 18-24 year-old male demographic. The commission is almost 70% of the frontend sale price!

Unbreakable is widely popular all-encompassing video pickup program for practically every male demographic…

B4UTXTHER: Text Game Mastery is a popular ebook about how to text women and create attraction…

So as you can see… the Conquer Your Campus affiliate program includes several high commission and wildly popular program to earn you some major $$$!

Conquer Your Campus Instructor(s):

Mark Redman, Christian Hudson, Nick Sparks, The Asian Rake

Available Affiliate Commission:

Up to $25 per Conquer Your Campus sale, $37.60 on Unbreakable, $48.50 B4UTXTHER, & others…

Additional Comments:

If you have a male niche site, particularly geared toward college guys… this affiliate program is for you! The pay is great…

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