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Same Night Seduction Affiliate Program

Become a Same Night Seduction Affiliate and make money with your site or mailing list!

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Secret of Same Night LaysProduct(s):

Secret of Same Night Lays ebook and audio, Same Night Lay Bootcamps (click her to see the sales pages…)

Product Information:

The ebook/audio and bootcamps teach men how to quickly escalate things sexually with women so that they can have sex with women the first night they meet them (referred to as a “same night lay”)

Instructor(s) Associated with Company:

Nick Quick AKA Adonis AKA The Charming Rogue

Available Affiliate Commission:

50% of the sale price for the ebooks/audio, commissions up to $500 for bootcamp referrals

Additional Comments:

Same night lays are a popular men’s dating and pickup artist niche right now and Nick Quick is making a name for himself… this is a great program to join early and reap the rewards of being one of the first to promote this highly profitable niche!

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